Past Speakers

Jacob Kaufman — 2023
AnnMarie Baines — 2023
Kolby Alexander — 2023
Sherry McKay — 2023
Kevin Chief — 2022
Sidney Leggett — 2022
Sarah Fine — 2022
Vy Gomes — 2022
Justine Rory Ramos — 2022

Natalie Baird

Natalie Baird is an artist, filmmaker, and community-based researcher based in Manitoba and Nunavut. During her undergraduate degree at the University of Manitoba, Natalie explored collaborative video as a tool for environmental action with Lake Winnipeg fishermen and youth. After graduating, Natalie focused on her socially-engaged art practice, including converging processes of photography, video, and drawing. Her documentary, animation, and video-installation work has been screened and exhibited across Canada. In 2016, Natalie joined the Prairie Climate Centre at the University of Winnipeg as a master of environment student, exploring the role of art and filmmaking for sharing perspectives on changing oceans in Pangnirtung, Nunavut. Natalie continues to work with Pangnirtung youth to support climate change action and resilience through visual art and filmmaking. 

Alexis Sinclair

I’m a grade ten student from Garden City Collegiate currently apart of the sustainability and human rights club. I’ve always had a passion for standing up for what’s right when I notice signs of injustice happening. I am motivated to speak on how Indigenous sovereignty is hugely connected with climate justice. Considering the fact that now is a critical time to take a step into the right direction for both reconciliation and protecting the earth.

Preet Kaur

Preet Kaur is a Grade 12 student from the Maples Met School. And this year she has been taking a credit called global issues which made her unsure about her future, so this year Preets main focus has been in finding hope in the climate change crisis. she took it upon herself to make a documentary about climate change and how climate change is creating climate refugees. She was involved in a club called Seven Oaks Student Climate Crisis Collective. They wanted to be the first one to call a climate emergency in Manitoba and take the leadership in Winnipeg, which motivated her to do many projects where she took the leadership to create a difference in our community. 

Meg Boehm

Meg Boehm is a grade 12 student from the Seven Oaks Met School that follows many of her different passions and interests. These passions and interests include fashion, law, social justice, dentistry, business and politics. Throughout her high school career she has explored many different career paths and discovered her strong passion for fashion. She had combined her passion for fashion and strong interest towards social justice to produce Strut for Shoal, a fashion show and concert in support of Shoal Lake 40. This community has been under a boiled-water advisory for over 20 years with no water treatment centre and only as of 2019 has road access. As a result of Strut for Shoal, not only did Meg and her co-producer Eric raise over $7000, but the pair had successfully obtained over thousands of signatures to help Shoal Lake 40 get a water treatment centre funded and build by the federal government which is currently being constructed at the Indigenous community. Meg’s drive has only grown as she is currently working on her next show, Strut for Solar. This show is no ordinary fashion show and concert. This show is to cultivate awareness about the urgency of sustainability and clean sources of energy. All funds from this show will go towards purchasing and installing solar panels for the Seven Oaks Met School. 

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