Mino’ Pimatisiwin (Living a Good Life)

Indigenous ways of being, knowing and learning tell us that we all work toward Mino’ Pimatisiwin, living a good life through the sacred circle teachings that include the balance of a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self.  When we live Mino’ Pimatisiwin, we experience a good life because of balance in all aspects of our being.  In recognizing the interconnectedness of all things, we strive for a good life not only for ourselves but also to benefit our families and all peoples.  Whatever your cultural origins, we invite you to join TEDx Maples Met School for a renewal process that honours and affirms the rich Indigenous cultures, teachings and world views originating on Turtle Island (now known as North America). 

Join us on May 19th as we dive into the good life.



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The big event!


1:00 Opening with Elder Mary & Elder Dan

1:10 Leah Gazan & Manpinder Dhillon

1:30 Nora & Dan Lett

1:50 Performance Ryan Spence & Paolo Camus

2:00 Sofia Ervin & Justin (San Diego Met)

2:20 Parneet Buttar & Mitch Bourbonniere

2:40 Performance/ Art Project

2:50 Closing Remarks

3:00 Performance